Balthasar Burkhard 1944

    Born 1944 in Berne, Switzerland

    2005 Shanghai, China, Cuba and Japan
    2004/2006/2009 Chicago, USA
    2002 Rio Negro, Brazil
    2000 Namibia, Africa
    1999-2000 Tokyo, Japan
    1999 Helsinki, Finland; Chicago, Los Angeles, USA
    1998-1999 Mexico-City, Mexico
    1998 Madrid, Spain; London, UK; Napels, Italy; Paris, France
    1974-1978 Visiting lecturer at University of Illinois, Chicago, USA
    1962-1964 Apprenticeship as Photographer to Kurt Blum, Switzerland

    Died 2010 in Berne, Switzerland

Balthasar Burkhard
Untitled (landscape no. 4)
97 x 120 cm; ed. 2 produced by the artist
c-print on aluminium, museum glass, wood frame